There are plenty of reasons to get teeth whitening. Every patient has run through them before deciding to go forward with the teeth whitening process. They may be a little less familiar with the facts regarding teeth whitening. Before it is time to sit in the dentist chair, get familiar with the process and comfortable knowing what will happen.

There are Two Ways a Dentist Can Handle Teeth Whitening

Patients may be expecting a lot of time in the dentist’s chair during teeth whitening treatment.

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However, that is only one way a dentist can handle teeth whitening. Another option is to give a patient a product to use at home. The patient will still have to sit in the chair for a tray fitting. However, they will take the product and tray home for the actual treatment. All they have to do is follow the dentist’s instructions to have a whiter smile.

A dentist may recommend that a patient be treated in the chair at the office. The treatment is often stronger and sometimes best for that particular patient. There are a few methods that can be done at the office, but the experience is roughly the same. The dentist or hygienist will protect the patient’s gums and apply a whitening product to the teeth being whitened.

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Laser Whitening Does Not Involve a Laser

When weighing teeth whitening options, patients may see information about laser teeth whitening. There is no such treatment. The procedure this refers to is effectively standard bleaching with the addition of a light to aid the process. It is not a laser light, but rather a standard light used in the dentist office regularly. The light or heat applied to the tooth is meant to make the process faster.

In-Office Whitening May Take Several Visits

While some procedures only take one two-hour session, patients may find themselves in the chair several times, but for as little as 30 minutes a session. As with at-home whitening, several treatments are often needed to get the teeth many shades lighter. If it is stunning results a patient wants, it helps to be prepared for several treatments. Patients who want faster results should speak to their dentists about their options, as the recommended procedure may not be rapid enough.

Over the Counter vs. Dentist Fitted

Both over the counter tooth whitening products and dentist prescribed at-home products are used with trays that keep the teeth covered with product for a specified amount of time. If done incorrectly, the product can bleach or burn the gums, which should be protected. A better fit is gained with the help of a dentist fitted tray. It keeps the product in place and gives the patient a more comfortable fit while the product is in place.

Teeth and the surrounding tissue are sensitive to chemicals and should be treated carefully. Dentists know how to avoid problems like chemical burns and tooth damage. They understand which teeth will benefit from whitening and which will not. Contact a professional for the best options.