Why Invisalign is the More Attractive Choice

When it comes to straightening your teeth, traditional metal braces are no longer the only option. There is also the clear plastic aligner tray called Invisalign. Both have their pros and cons, however, the latter has been around for only 15 years so it does not yet have the same long history that the metal braces do.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of both:

Metal Braces


  • Are very effective for more complicated dental issues
  • The lure to leave them out is not there since they must be worn 24/7
  • Besides extra brushing and flossing, there is no extra cleaning needed
  • Are ideal for those who play contact sports


  • The metal is visible
  • They must be worn 24/7 for an mean of two years with regular follow-up monthly visits for tightening
  • The cost can range anywhere from over $1,000 to over $5,000
  • A retainer will likely be needed after the metal braces are due to be cut out
  • The wires and brackets often trigger pain
  • They may discolor or break the teeth
  • They often cause difficulty with eating sticky and hard foods



  • Clear and hardly visible
  • The need for them typically lasts from six to 18 months
  • Comes with its own cleaning system or you can simply rinse the trays in lukewarm water
  • It is removable
  • As a result of it being removable, there is no difficulty with eating or drinking
  • The only discomfort you should feel is from your tooth’s movement
  • It is ideal for just about any mild to moderate dental case including bridgework and to move teeth vertically


  • The general cost is around $5,000
  • Must be worn for at least 22 hours a day for its treatment to have the maximum effect
  • Aligner trays must be changed every two weeks and follow-up visits need to be scheduled every four to six weeks
  • A retainer will still likely be necessary as a follow-up treatment
  • Must remove to eat or drink anything except water
  • Must brush after eating every time in order to avoid getting stains in the trays

Over the last 15 years, Invisalign has been found to be the much gentler method and most people prefer it to the old-fashioned metal braces. The Invisalign trays are custom-made according to the x-rays that your dentist takes of the shape of your teeth and gums. The idea of removing the Invisalign trays in order to eat and drink is very appealing to most people. If it’s not to you then metal braces may be the way to go.

Since Invisalign has been around for only 15 years, it’s currently very difficult to find hard clinical data based on the effect and appeal of Invisalign versus metal braces. However, it has been known for many years that most people blatantly dislike wearing metal braces because of the pressure they put on the teeth to the point of causing pain and sometimes even breakage of the teeth.

For other procedures that are cosmetic related such as teeth whitening and restorative dentistry solutions, read on to find out more information.

If you need help in deciding which is right for you, please make an appointment with us. We have Invisalign available at our office.