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Use Up Your Dental Benefits Before Your 2019 Coverage Ends

It’s important to come into the office this holiday season if you haven’t in a while! It’s recommended that most patients visit the dentist every six months for a routine cleaning and exam. Even with regular cleaning, plaque and tartar build-up can only be removed by your hygienist and dentist. Luckily, most dental insurances cover two visits a year too!

Dental Insurance Resets Every Year

Nobody enjoys just throwing away money, right? Did you know that your dental insurance resets every year and most don’t carry over coverage that wasn’t used? If your dental insurance resets at the end of every calendar year, this may be the last month to take advantage of your leftover coverage before it’s gone forever!

Most dental insurances will cover two routine checkups a year, or every six months. Although you may have gone at the beginning of the year and feel like your teeth might be “clean enough,” your insurance will still cover your visit! Why skip out on an already covered visit rather than get your teeth evaluated and cleaned with coverage you’ve already paid for?

End of the Year Means Time to Start Extensive Treatment

If you’re in need of more extensive treatment, such as a new crown, implant, or root canal, the end of the year is the perfect time to begin. Most insurances have a deductible included these days and if your deductible has already been met, you could pay substantially less for services until you reach your maximum. What does this mean? Let’s say the cost of a dental implant is estimated at $2,000 and you’ve already reached your deductible. You still have $1,800 until you’ve reached your maximum and since your insurance covers 100% of implant procedures, you’d only wind up paying $200 out of pocket! All insurance coverages do vary though so reach out to our office and our team of experts can identify just how much coverage you have left!

Don’t Let Your Coverage Expire

Using up the remainder of your dental coverage is a smart move to make when filling out your 2019 December calendar. If you currently have any unspent coverage, or don’t quite know if you have coverage to use, feel free to reach out to our team today and we can help in determining that for you.

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