getting a dental implant

What to Know Before Getting A Dental Implant

So you’ve either decided or been told that you’re in need of a dental implant. Naturally, you then begin to wonder about the next steps involved in the process and what you should expect moving forward. We’re going to help explain everything you need to know going into the dental implant process and provide you some useful information when making decisions in the process.

dental implant restoration

Dental Implant Restoration: How’s It Work?

Dental implants are one of the newest alternative in tooth replacement. The implant procedure consists of two stages: The placement of the artificial tooth root at our dental office, followed by the dental implant restoration performed by your family dentist. A benefit of visiting us here at Kingstowne Dentistry is that we have a specialist in-house who can place the implant so there’s no need for additional outside office visits.