Using Dental Implants to Make Permanent Dentures

Using Dental Implants to Make Permanent Dentures

Until recently, people who were missing most of their teeth had only two options to turn to. You either went with removable dentures or simply remained toothless. Anyone missing most of their teeth will tell you that neither of these solutions are ideal, nor acceptable in modern times.

With the advancements in implant technology,

teeth cleaning in alexandria va

Use Up Your Dental Benefits Before Your 2019 Coverage Ends

It’s important to come into the office this holiday season if
you haven’t in a while! It’s recommended that most patients visit the dentist every
six months for a routine cleaning and exam. Even with regular cleaning, plaque and
tartar build-up can only be removed by your hygienist and dentist. Luckily,
most dental insurances cover two visits a year too!

getting a dental implant

What to Know Before Getting A Dental Implant

So you’ve either decided or been told that you’re in need of a dental implant. Naturally, you then begin to wonder about the next steps involved in the process and what you should expect moving forward. We’re going to help explain everything you need to know going into the dental implant process and provide you some useful information when making decisions in the process.

learn what vaping does to your teeth and mouth

Is Vaping Bad for Your Mouth?

It’s well known that smoking cigarettes causes permanent damage to your teeth and gums. With a new trend emerging, especially with younger folks, it’s important to ask “does vaping cause damage to your teeth?”

There is a massive e-cigarette trend passing throughout our
country that is being touted as a healthier and safer alternative to cigarette

Child teeth health

Tips to Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy

Our blog post this month is going to provide parents a few recommendations on how to keep their children’s teeth healthy since back to school time is upon us! If your children learn how to take care of their teeth, they are very likely to continue those habits into adulthood. It can be difficult to keep your child’s teeth healthy because they struggle to understand how it will help them later in life.

teeth whitening

How Long Will Teeth Whitening Last?

Teeth whitening treatments allow you to feel better about the way you look with a relatively minimal amount of effort. The whitening procedure is fairly quick to perform and is normally cost-effective for any of our patients that wish to have it done.  Whiter teeth have a direct correlation with most people to a heightened self-esteem too so it’s important that once you whiten them,

replacing missing teeth

What’s the Best Way to Replace A Missing Tooth?

Missing one or more teeth in your mouth is a cause for concern among most people this day and age. You are aware of their importance when it comes to how your smile looks and the chewing abilities which they provide to you, but you might not know that replacing missing teeth can be mostly painless and restore your smile to what it once was.

cavity causing foods

Candy Isn’t the Only Culprit: Three Cavity Causing Foods That’ll Surprise You!

Candy and sweets are notorious for causing cavities in your
mouth. The primary ingredient in these candies, processed sugars, cause quite a
lot of bacteria growth. If not brushed away, the bacteria will lead to the destruction
of your tooth enamel and, ultimately, a mouth full of cavities. With the Easter
holiday being over now and the Easter candy being sold for a fraction of their
initial cost,